Floor & Road Sawing

For an accurate and efficient means of cutting slab surfaces such as roads, runways, bridges, piers or floor slabs, Diamond Edge Cutting’s large fleet of saws provides the perfect solution for cutting expansion joints, cutting break lines for trench excavation or sawing large openings in floor slabs. Our petrol and diesel saws are suited to outdoor work and our electric floor saws are suited to indoor work or when working in sensitive areas where low noise and emission-free sawing is required. Our blades are water cooled, which suppresses the dust, and by combining the correct blades with the right saw Diamond Edge Cutting will provide you with a quick and cost-effective solution to your cutting needs.

Sawing and Sealing

The cutting of construction joints on concrete surfaces or asphalt overlays is done to accommodate expansion and contraction and can be cut wet or dry depending on the circumstances. Joints can be sealed with preformed neoprene compression seals, polyurethane silicones or hot poured asphaltic joint seal. All of our joint sealing products are approved by major authorities for movements in concrete pavements, airfield aprons, runways, overlaid roads and parking lots.