Wire Sawing

Wire sawing offers a quick, versatile, low noise, dust and vibration free cost-effective method of removing large sections of concrete. This method is ideal for cutting large deep cuts with almost no restriction on cut size, and can be used to cut out bridge sections, large beams and columns. It can be used to form openings in thick reinforced concrete structures such as dams, retaining walls or any large section of concrete or masonry.

Other applications include cutting steel tanks, steel shafts, heat exchangers, under water pipes and even large underwater anchor chains. After meticulously detailing the requirements of a large-scale cutting project, we pre-plan every cut in order to minimize time and cost while maximizing efficiency and safety.

Wall Sawing

When your focus is on precision and accuracy, Diamond Edge Cutting’s range of track mounted wall saws provides a fast and accurate solution to creating openings in reinforced concrete, brick, block or masonry. They are perfect for structural alterations such as door or window openings, as the saws can be set up to cut vertical, horizontal and angled cuts to a depth of 700mm from one side.

Track mounted saws are also ideal for use in controlled demolitions where sections of concrete being removed such as stairs, walls, roofs and slabs need to be isolated from the structure that is remaining. Using the latest technologies, we can cut flush to existing structures leaving a smooth, clean cut precisely where required without creating dust or vibration.